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Marijuana Day 420: Let's Support the Legalization in 2021
Are you in support of cannabis legalization too?
Well, it's almost national Weed Day, 420 Day, Marijuana Day. Whatever you choose to call it, and that day is a good day for marijuana enthusiasts alike. And, As a gesture of showing our support for the legalization of cannabis, we feel immense pride in releasing our new T-shirt collection! 
Weed & Art
Different artists all over the world take inspiration from cannabis - which is known to significantly boosts creativity. This is how many painters, photographers, designers, and musicians have expanded their horizons of work. Definitely thinking outside of the box. Now, you must be wondering what makes Cannabis or Marijuana so crucial for artists, right?
Let us break this bubble...
Cannabis is a stimulant that can stimulate the frontal lobe of your brain. This lobe is essential for creative activity in people. Hence, cannabis helps artists develop different, newer, and more unique ideas that let them enjoy their art like never before. However, it might work entirely different for different people. Therefore, the people and artists have to explore their true side to get the desired effects. 
With our 420 collection, We chose to go after big tobacco companies. The idea of taking one of the most harmful and highest profiting industries and flipping it on its head sounds very true to our brand. You see, if Marijuana is legalized federally, that should allow for every one of us to cultivate our own crops. This would directly interfere with big tobacco plans to monopolize and control the market, as they do with tobacco. We like to think wearing one of these T-Shirts will help spread the idea of widespread legalization and acceptance!
The Verdict
A lot of communities, departments, and people have been united due to the involvement of Marijuana. Hence, this marijuana day, not only should we hasten the pace of its legalization, but also bring out something more positively related to the good ol' mother herb. It is high time to celebrate all the advantages of cannabis. Happy Sad Mad Club, as a company, will continue to play its part effectively. Now all you got to do, is go spread the message of love and rock a tee from our 420 collection :) 
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Nicole Martinez

One of my favorite shirts from you guys. I get compliments everywhere I go. People ask where I got it, and I tell them @happysadmadclub !! Keep up the great work. I’ll forever support you! ✌

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