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Isn't it strange that when you travel by airplane, it is suggested that you, yourself put the oxygen mask on first? (in the event of an emergency). Growing up, we are taught to help other people. Help our family, help our neighbor’s, heck, even help our local politicians. Every day, most of us are herded around from task to task, problem to problem, weaving in between a complex system of social give and take. It can be exhausting, especially when it feels like your cup is getting full.


Help Your Self. Listen to your body and your head. It's too easy to put yourself last and let everyone else's problems and emotions cloud your mind. How can you help someone if you are avoiding your self-care?

Compassion and humility are two of my favorite emotions. I can output an even stronger presence when I take the time and self-care.


The holidays are a hard time for many people. The point of this essay is to speak to anyone who may have a lot on their plate or maybe even arent in the most positive mental state. Take your time and put yourself first.


I put together a few resources to help you do that very thing:

  1. Self Help Playlist
  2. IAM (Positive affirmations app)
  3. Great Journal
  4. Show Your Work - Book
  5. Akimbo Podcast
  6. Romiez Discord
  7. Visit National Park
  8. Call a friend
  9. Mental Health America - 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  10. Learn to write a song

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