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This Black Friday, we are bringing back to life one of the most important messages we have broadcasted. Here are a few wonderful thoughts and words about the concept of Karma and its cultural importance...

"Karma is not a cosmic scale and does not balance anything. Karma is more cause and effect.
You throw a stone in calm water, and it causes ripples. Some of these ripples can be felt years later. They are just the effect of the stone being thrown. Over time if you quit throwing stones, the water will become calm once more."

"You are already suffering the consequences in the present. There is no future axe looming over you. The harm you have done is to the minds of others and your own mind.
You can alleviate your suffering and the suffering of others through mindfulness, and by understanding the causes of your actions. You can remove the harmful seeds by ceasing to water them and instead, water seeds of compassion and joy. There is no judge, so there can be no atonement."

"Karma is not unique to Buddhism though the Buddha's teachings were different from others. The word itself means action or deed.
Simply put, our current circumstances are shaped by both our past actions and the choices we make in the present. As such, the relationship between action and result is dynamic or ever changing.
There is no agency behind it. There is no bureau of kamma, no kamma police or kamma accountants. Kamma and its results begin and end in the mind."

The Karma Hoodie will be available 11/25 at 12pm ET.

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