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In the classic argument of Nature vs. Nurture, the pressures fly from both sides with pros and cons that everyone could appreciate. However, life is rarely black or white. I would argue that most of us find ourselves living in the opaque or often floating nearby. Nurture contends that the power lies in your hands and that every decision creates a reaction. Some desirable. Some not. Nature, on the other hand, offers us hope. Nature gently reminds us that many things are out of our control and that the very few things that we do control should be carefully protected, Nurtured. As I said, both sides have compelling points of view's and depending on the day; I may lean towards one over the other.

Whichever it is you choose to believe, I believe one thing rings true. We must protect and adore our surroundings—both externally and internally. We coexist. We should take care of ourselves and our neighbors. We should defend our passions and our beliefs. We should protect our home and our world. The beauty of nature is within all of us.

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