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I have been fortunate enough to spend half of my life on a tour bus, traveling from city to city, coast to coast. Music has allowed me to explore the world. It has also shown me how to appreciate how other people choose to live their lives. I admire the life lessons and tales of heartache. Traveling has allowed me the opportunity to hear stories from all walks of life.


No matter where I found myself in the world, there is always a handful of things I need with me on the bus at all times...


  1. Acoustic Guitar. I need to be able to create freely. Inspiration hits so randomly when you are on the road, and having a guitar always in reach helps lock down ideas when they pop up.
  2. Laptop. I know this one is kind of extra, but I'm not kidding. I carry my laptop with me pretty much everywhere I go. My laptop is how I create. I make music, write blogs, design T-shirts, edit photos and videos, all on one device. Inspiration hits anywhere, so I have to stay prepared.
  3. Back-Up Charger. Self Explanatory. People snatch those things left and right on tour! Gold-like currency.
  4. Rolling PapersFor some reason, nobody has papers on the road. I can't tell you how many times we have been in the situation where we have some killer bud from a local grower, and we don't have any papers o roll up a joint.
  5. Slippers. I know, I know. It sounds crazy but believe it or not; those tour bus floors see some things. Daily/Nightly spillings. Food, booze, dog piss, you name it. You don't always want to put on your shoes, so a nice pair of Chanclas will always make you feel at home while keeping your feet clean.

- @romeramirez

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