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  1. an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.


It's a little terrifying, sometimes, when you watch the news, read what's trending on twitter. And yet, for many of us, we are drawn to the madness every day. Whether we like it or not. Sickness, poverty, rioting, fraud, and the list goes on. The idea of a paradise or some mythical Utopia conjures up thoughts of hopefulness and opportunity. If the old saying "When life hands you dirt, plant seeds" rings any truth, then indeed, Utopia begins with a state of mind.


This year is about to wrap up, and we are venturing on a brave, new journey around the sun. I imagine life as we know it will be eerily reminiscent of the past. But never the less, we will adapt and push forth with positivity and optimism. Thank you for allowing me and the crew to fill your head with anecdotes of peace and prosperity. Clothing represents how you see the world, and you choosing to put us on your body is a significant decision that we don't take for granted!






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The UTOPIA Collection. Designed to empower your positive thoughts and help encourage you to move forward. Carve the path you so seek. Utopia starts from within. 

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